Walgreens continues to find new ways to help their customers live "Happy and Healthy", it's a very familiar tag line which seems to sum up how the Drug Store Chain defines their role in ensuring the well being of their customer base, within communities. Their major moves appear to be people focused, making family, health, and convenience a priority in their day to day operations.

You may have noticed a Red Box located outside of your favorite Walgreens location. The move surprised some customers and delighted them all at the same time. That's not all either! Walgreens also made it a point to rebrand many of their products with the all too familiar letter W, among other branded things, Nice snack goodies can be seen on shelves. Tasty muffins, brownies, danishes, and bear claws are available, if you need an alternative to popcorn on Movie Night. Sounds just all to perfect right?

Well, CVS is not laying down while Walgreens strategizes their takeover position as a customer favorite. They are playing defense, and incorporating their own plans into play, adding in automatic price checkers. How many times have you yourself asked, the customer service representative on duty, for the price of merchandise that was either in the wrong location or not priced at all? Many customers believe the move by CVS was a way to counter the Walgreens Red Box deal which helps ,Walgreens draw in a large amount of additional purchases each month.

Automated Price Checkers make life easier for customers and employees too. The argument is that manuel price checks affect the flow of productivity and often draw employees away from the register and slow down transactions on the frontend.

Summing it up is not to difficult. Health, happiness, convenience, and family is in the Walgreens play book filed under W while CVS uses Automated Price Checkers to even the score. Who wins? Is Walgreens using DailyMed as their answer? You decide whose red wins. All we ask is that you share your thoughts in the comments section. Are Automated Price Checkers a better integration than Red Box Movie Dispensers?

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