Countertop Displays

Countertop Displays are a great promotional tool. Pay attention to how retailers show off their product selections. Does the look of promotional displays make you want to buy?

Once your ideas become a reality the next very important step is figuring out the three P's. Price, Product, and Promotion matters. When there are more products to consider, choosing the right one is vital to the success of the entire group of products. In those moments, when negotiating goes down in the boardroom, hatching out the minutia is pertinent to the marketing process. Every small detail counts where promotion is concerned. For instance, in retail there are always quite a few eye catching products situated strategically near the checkout counter or for that matter, on top of it. Some common favorites, even in Department Stores, are Premium Chocolate treats. Promoting counter top goodies is always fun. The complication of such a promotion happens when there are a series of products to promote at once. Let's face it, there is a limited amount of space dedicated to counter top displays. Remember, there needs to be an adequate amount of space available for the items customers actual decide to purchase.

Counter top Displays are great promotional tools. They instantly catch the customers attention and encourage a purchase. Brand manufactureres gain exposure by participating in countertop promotions. As a result sales usually increase. It's a win win for retailers too. Profits and sales increase and also provide better leverage in situations where exclusivity can mean increased volume in customer visits as well as profit margins in a particular category.

Counter top promotions verses display promotions that offer more space is something brand manufacturers and marketers need to consider when deciding on distribution channels. End caps, side racks, dump tables, and window displays offer more leeway as far as creativity in presentation goes. The limited amount of space offered by countertop displays can present unwanted problems with the brands message and sales.

The minutia that needs to be covered during negotiations needs to trickle down to store management. Things like clear identification of the product choice set that will be used for counter top promotions, how many products should be displayed at once ( when multiple products are available), and how long to display products (rotational frequency, where multiple products are available) need to be clarified.

Awareness of the minutia will help to ensure that products are represented in the best light. Sales Representatives face issues related to counter top promotions everyday. More attention to detail will alleviate issues that interfere with the presentation and sales of product promotions. There are a few things that retailers can do to help employees follow through with product promotions effectively.

Retailers Can:

1. Invest in durable counter top displays
2. Provide training that encourages rotational frequency (where multiple products are available for promotion)
3. Encourage Store Managers/Department Heads to allow employees to be creative with displays/arrangement
4. Offer decorative instruction to employees for a small fee (opportunity for continued development of skills like origami, the art of paper folding)

The way you treat your promotional products matters. Cashiers, Clerks, Beauty Advisors, Sales Representatives, and Managers in all industries offering Products/Services should be aware of issues that can affect sales and employee morale. The first thing to remember is that presentation is everything.

Employees can:

1. Make sure that counter displays are free from clutter (not to many products, use rotational frequency where more products are available for promotion)
2. Rotate products at proper intervals (daily, weekly, etc.)
3. Cease every opportunity to put your promotionals in the face of the customer
4. Thank the customers for buying your promotional products

Selling products is the priority, but promotional presentation comes first. How you treat your promotional products matters. Your attention to detail can mean the difference between increased profits and ineffective promotions. Counter top Displays are a great promotional tool. Pay attention to how retailers show off their product selections. Does the look of promotional displays make you want to buy?