What ya thoughts be like? Sounding Hip-Hop Cool can get you a lot of attention when you are holding a microphone like Superstar Jay-Z, who recently made headlines after he sounded off on his Open Letter Track. The song received kudos and also a few thumbs down because of some of its lyrical bars. One Video Reviewer even questioned Jay-z's Goat Status as Raps best that ever did it.

Whether you agree with Jay-Z's freedom of speech or not, he is always doing things to keep everyone talking, writing, and snapping those irreplaceable shots of him living the Ballerific Lifestyle. He has rapped about his days in Marcy Projects using photographic descriptions that reveal the dangers of living life in the fast lane. Those very descriptions are the ones journalist end up using to form their talking points, after landing a sit down with Rapper Jay-Z. His newsworthiness involves the tell all of cocaine sales, jail time, ringing gunshots, and death.

It's no wonder his life sounds like it could have easily ended very tragically. Hello, you missed, he is here, doing  just the opposite of what many thought he would do. He spent his circumstances into something big by "giving leag showers" or "murdering everything moving" creatively. The media continues to be amazed by his have it all, go get it attitude. Jay-Z's business moves are fooling everyone into believing that staying relevant is easy, but he actually works very hard. What seems to help the Star is his ability to take risk, to change things up every now and then. Call it a reinvention or whatever you want but this is his job, his work, what he does to keep food on the table and stay rich as pluck.

From his move to dissolve his interest in Rocafella, to leaving his Presidential Seat at Def Jam, to his Roc Nation Label, and now he's arrived. He has become a Sports Agent, a guy making even more deals. Watch out! What else can we tell you about Mr. Carter? Amid the highs of his career, he is managing to keep his relationships, family, and his Life & Times, website consistent.

Life & Times has presented quite a few noticeable surprises for fans, showing off a more structured content style. What do we mean? When Life & Times began it seemed to be more Alex Quebec Jeopardy Style, keeping you guessing pretty much about what would be behind the imagery lure, after the click through. Today, the focus is shifting to four very obvious things.

    •  Decoded
    • The Round Up
    • The Truth
    • The Blueprint Justice

Seeing square imagery baring those titles makes me want to click through to see what's new. Those titles give visitors something to look forward too, once they arrive at the site. Life & Times is providing a digital experience for arts, sports, fashion, and culture. Jay-Z has said that the site is a reflection of his lifestyle and the things he likes. It's an accurate representation of all things in Jay-Z's circle. There is something there for everyone. Want to stay current on everything from Boss Man Jay-Z to his artist, and everything in between? Then, you should find your way to the Life & Times Website. The Life & Times Store even has a Made In America Bandana T-Shirt available at a very reasonable price. Information on Tour dates, and prices are only a click away, if you take time to stroll to the bottom of the page.

Our own headlines boasted that Jay-Z's name means money and he is confirming it with his Tour Packages for The Legends of The Summer Tour. The price ranges go well into the thousands. Kid Rock even complained about Jay-Z's prices for the tour. See what type of bangs you get for your bucks.

Despite his controversial moves, lyrical choices, and put a ring on it status, Jay-Z continues to grow his Star Power to new heights by being the news we can not resist and love to share. He is playing his cards right!

What do you think can top his latest deal and will it surprise you?