When I saw this it was a no brainer for me because we shared Unilever's Barvarian Wildberry Lipton Tea boasting about the great aromatic flavor it has but the oral health benefits I read about in my Doctor's Book Of Food Remedies is what made that post even more special for Abornewords Readers. That little extra or nugget (a bit of beneficial information) as I like to call it, is what made the post a lot more informative. Including it was like sprinkling a little pixie dust on the Blog Post and watching magic happen.

In the video above, Unilever is using animation to talk about how they are encouraging farmers to grow tea, adding in information about their partnership with The Rainforest Alliance. They seem very committed to creating a bright future too. Though, there are many more videos issued by the brand which include quite a few or our future leaders, this one really caught my attention. The most peculiar memory of Betty Whites words came flushing into my brain and I heard (in Betty Whites Voice) "I wanted to be a Forest Ranger"! In her book called If You Ask Me And I Know You Wont, the Mega Star shared her love of nature and animals. She even talked about an exclusive tour she had taken through the Rain Forest with a Park Ranger. When Brands and Celebrities start creating more consciousnesses , we all start to listen a little more attentively.

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