By: Jessica Vega | Abornewords Contributor

Looking for something out of the norm for an unforgettable celebration? Whether you want to check out the world’s largest permanent ice bar in below freezing temperatures or you’d rather not freeze and still have a stellar night out, ICEBAR Orlando on International Drive is where you need to be. ICEBAR Orlando is not only the incredibly unique experience of its infamous ice bar; you can warm up afterwards in its Fire Lounge located in the same 3,000 square foot building. If you’re a bit cold weather-challenged like I am, Fire Lounge makes ICEBAR Orlando a place I’m down to party at. Its versatility makes it a great place for everyone to appreciate!

ICEBAR Orlando contains 70 tons of ice and is kept at 23 degrees to maintain their spectacularly designed atmosphere. Home to the world’s largest permanent ice bar, even their drink glasses are made of ice! Along with their full-service ice bar, they offer music, lights, complimentary group photos, and some ironic Florida themed ice sculptures (although they do always add new sculptures). If you’re ready to warm up, just step over to Fire Lounge for one of their nightly drink specials while you dance to the jams provided by a live DJ. It’s two amazing bars in one place! Did I mention they have food?? Appetizers, and sliders, and flatbreads! OH MY! You will not find an experience that matches ICEBAR Orlando’s, so whether you’re a local or a visitor, it is not to be left off your to do list of places to get your party on.

With all of its amazing features, it is the perfect place to host the most marvelous and memorable party in all the land! describes ICEBAR Orlando/ Fire Lounge as a very spacious venue that, “...provides the opportunity to host truly unique events.” So, if you’re planning a first date, this would not be an ideal setting. You’re not exactly going to be getting to know someone in a quiet, close setting at ICEBAR Orlando. Got a big birthday coming up? Planning a bachelorette party? Hosting a corporate event? ICEBAR Orlando!

Photo Credit: Icebar Orlando

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