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No nonsense Bloggertunity

Blogging is big business. Here's the proof! Recently, Angela Laws, author of Angela's Laws of Blogging, was involved in some controversy over at the ConcreteLoop Headquarters. apparently, there was some infighting going on that affected the day to day business transactions. Laws issued a statement addressing the issue, after postings on the site were temporarily discontinued. Even though Laws didn't mention any specifics, the incident really seemed to be taking a toll on her personally and professionally. Fans of the site didn't hesitate to make their voices heard in the comment section. Although, ConcreteLoop is up and running again, we think Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Angela Laws needs to take some serious "Me Time" off.

If Angela Laws decided to actually get a little R&R, where would she go? What would the stylish professional woman take along? We have some suggestions that will help her get the rest she needs while also continuing to function in her role as a leading professional in the Media Industry. More and more Bloggers are being given the same opportunities as journalist. As a result of the surge of professionals sharing their expertise via the blogosphere. Blogging Retreats and Blogging Conferences are happening annually around the country. It's a true sign of how big blogging really is. Here's where No nonsense comes in! Angela Laws is no different than the rest of us. We can bet she appreciates affordable comfortable style and accessories too. Check out the stylish professional below, pictured front and center wearing No nonsense tights. Just look at me go!


In the photo I'm wearing a pair of No nonsense super opaque control top tights in black paired with a Small Petite Weekender Dress. The turtleneck is a little something extra that draws attention to the waist clinching belt I'm wearing. My No nonsense body is working for this travel look. An oversized shirt would have the same effect as the dress. The belt is the bonus piece. It slims out my waistline and coordinates well with the shoes. My shoes are semi-flat with only a one inch heel, made by SBICCA of California. Still, my height is good. An easy description of my style is colorful, clean and casually professional. What I love about No nonsense tights is that I can dress them up or down using flats, heels, oversized tunics and belts. A blazer or a long belted pea coat looks great with these tights as well. Adding a jacket, with the look shown above, will provide a great layering effect too. The only caveat is, do not wear the waist clinching belt underneath the coat. The second look that I can not wait to wear is very simple to create. Here's a picture of my new No nonsense corduroy leggings in Aubergine, paired with a cream color sweater.

You probably can't tell from the picture, how light these deep purple leggings are. The fabric is super soft with good texture to it, for added warmth. Choosing the Partners Sweater was my first choice. The embroidery tweed detail won me over very easily. There is a raised detail in it with separations of about a half inch from top to bottom and shoulder to sleeve. Dark skinned girls look good in cream. It brings out the natural hue of brown skin. Of course, adding a belt is a must. A sweater design that falls below the waist helps to make your legs look a lot longer. A lighter color on top of dark bottoms is best so that the attention is where it needs to be. No nonsense gets all the glory! My SBICCA Shoes will work out for this look too. Only, I will be adding a pair of cream knee length socks into the mix.

It is my hope that the style ideas shared here today will inspire you to create your own No nonsense look. Here at Abornewords, we understand that sensitive issues can sometimes make women afraid to try new things. That's why I got personal and showed off my No nonsense style. These looks are doable. You do not have to be an expert to pull this off. Buy your No nonsense tights and leggings, pull some things you already own from your closet, and make a statement with your look! Before you buy, we have another option, if you want a little more expertise. The style advice of No nonsenses new Brand Ambassador, Jill Martin, may convince you. Martin's responsibility includes educating women on how to wear the new comfortable and affordable leggings and tights being offered by No Nonsense. Jill" s role allows her to assist women in need who may be a little less confident about their style choices. Some women are clueless on how to coordinate the clothing already in their closet. Achieving a polished look is easy when you make the best of things you already own. Jill Martin offers her expertise on video and will also use social media to keep you fashionably informed. Focusing on wearing all the hats (we women wear) becomes easier once what to wear is no longer a hassle. Jill Martin makes regular appearances on the Today Show.

A Shout Out to No nonsense from Jill Martin

Create your own experience by going out to shop for No nonsense at food drugstores and mass retail outlets in your city. We don't know if Angela Laws will be taking that hiatus that we believe she needs. We do know that No nonsense will be included in the the suitcases of Abormewords representatives and affiliates, during travel excursions. We live for affordable comfort and style.

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