For guys there are some number 1 picks that should never be excluded from style choices. Getting decked out in a suit and adding in the necessities like a bow tie, a good cologne and a nice pair of shoes is the way to ensure the mirror reflects the total package. For purposes of simplicity, this fashion blueprint does not include the suit. However, since skincare should be an integral part of any routine, we will share a slideshow of Allure Magazine's Best Picks For Men.

Allures Best In Beauty

The Bow tie

In Ebony Magazine, it was all about prints which is dead on for what is appearing on runways and in major Department Stores. Pro baller Dwayne Wade co signed on bow ties with prints.
At Abornewords we like, The Solid Silk Spencer By Ralph Lauren

The Shoes

In Ebony Magazine, Croocodile Print Loafers took the number 1 spot and rminded me of the classic Penny Loafer recommended Armando Cabral Andrea.
At Abornewords we like Salvatore Ferragamo's Sardegna 2 Buckled Crocodile Driver in Navy

The Fragrance

In Ebony Magazine, according to Louge Deldy, the frarance should be consistent with a mans personality and should be very masculine.
At Abornewords, we like Chrome Legend by Azzaro

Men are often excluded from Beauty in adverstising, especially in commercials. However, men need to look good too and our post is intended to make sure men are exposed to products that can help them look and feel fabulous. 

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