You don't have to be drunk to do a pose like that but I'm guessing it will help. Ouch! If you are gasping right now you should be! Yes it is very difficult to do a crab. Not just because This famous Simmons Sister (has a Sister named Vanessa Jean) pulled off one of the most difficult body flexes ever, but because she managed to send a slick little message to her non competition.

Finding yourself asking who? If the headline didn't give it away, Rihanna & Rosci of course. THINK ABOUT THIS! Angela Simmons launched her own Website around the time she was ending her 106 & Park run with former boyfriend Bow Wow! On her website, purchasing fashion is the main call to action. With Rihanna aiming her focus in that direction on Styled To Rock, you should be able to see the girls diamond threat. Abornewords does not blame her either. After all, Angela is working hard with various designers to establish herself in her own lane. It's no surprise that she would move to let her competition know that she's a force to be reckoned with. In the words of Angela... I can bend farther than you!

You don't want to get caught up in this! We believe that Angela's Crab is directed at former 106 & Park Co-host Rosi too. Rosci recently posed in a Brussels Sprout bikini to announce her participation in a Vegan Campaign, sharing her disgust with chicken wings. Unless you have been living under a rock, you will see Rosci as a threat to Simmons. Think again for a few seconds. If for no reason other than the fact that they both now hold the title of former 106 & Park Co-host. You have to see the connection here readers. Stay with me! Angela calls it a Yoga Pose. I'm calling it a crab. No matter what you call it. It's obviously all in your face!

What are you calling her difficult pose and do you think her playful beach fun had something to do with Rihanna/Rosci? Tell us what you think!  A little advice for you at home!  DON'T TRY THIS UNLESS YOU ARE DRUNK IN LOVE! CHECK OUT Angelaiam SHOP SECTION