The fact that I started a new position at Stein Mart, a Department Store that beat out the likes of Macy's, Dillards, and Kohls, among 7 others, for the #1 spot, as USA Today's Reader's Choice has everything to do with the reason why we are featuring this video, including Anna Wintour.

The theme of this comedy driven Seth Meyers Video highlights Wintours demanding personality, right from the start, as she is shown in the character of a woman taking charge, even though she is suppose to be the interviewee.

It's not surprising that her abrasive personality and nonchalant attitude has thrust her into the spotlight yet again. The Devil Wears Prada Movie is rumored to be based on Anna Wintour's life and career in fashion. I can believe it too since one of her former Assistants wrote it, aside from the diva being considered a powerhouse, in the business of fashion, starting out at the tender age of only 15, Wintour's position and longtime tenure as Editor & Chief of Vogue has afforded her many perks. According to Wikipedia and other sources, a chauffeur drives Wintour around, in an S-Class, a model from Mercedes, the same manufacturer that supplies the GLA, the official car of the U.S. Open. Then, there's her 200,000 Shopping Allowance and the access she has to The Coco Chanel Suite when she's nurturing her craft, attending fashion shows and bossing up. She lives among the who's who in Greenwich Village, a place considered a Creatives haven by Musicians, Artist, and of course Fashion Icons like Wintour. Her reputation for being influential in launching the careers of fashion wannabes or should I say new Designers is probably the reason the new Honorary Doctorate recipient, Kanye West is so drawn to her. He and his wife have been photographed with Wintour on numerous occasions. Who can blame them? Being associated with Wintour could open up endless opportunities and Wintour does not shy away from commercialism.

Anna Wintours creative playground, Vogue Magazine, targets career conscious professional women and is heavily dependent on advertiser dollars. If you are a working girl and that means moms too, you will probably love our Working Girl Collection, at Stein Mart. One of the oversized mugs even features an animated model, wearing Wintours Signature Style, dark sunglasses. The collection is featured in our current mail ad, all colorful and fun looking.

Did the video remind you of Meryl Streep sitting behind her desk in The Devil Wears Prada Movie?

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