Look Good For Your Guy

Decorated in black and gold with a hieroglyphic style design, the skirt only compliments the black blazer. Try this one by Nicole Miller, and put the spin you need right where it needs to be. Go ahead and dance the night away.

The fashion count down continues with our 9th spotlight model for a Megan Fox black on black look. With skinny jeans serving as a base, dark hair adds a little more attitude to this look, doing the tank justice.

The black blazer over the white dress is an expected choice. Blank and white is like red beans and rice. It's never wrong! Try the Randy Foldover Clutch from Nicole Miller, to give you a little more arm candy. The best thing about the
blazer is its no button style. Open & Free!

Landing at number 7 on our count down to 1 is the quarter length black blazer on the cuff, over a white blouse. Can't stop , won't stop the jewelry on this ptch feature. Look pass the shoes and try out the fashionable crystals, stones, and diamonds from Nicole Miller. Best friend items for every girl.

A Black Blazer over black lace, just like a recent Naomi Campbell look seen during New York Fashion Week. Straight stringy hair, brown skin, and lace.
The black blazer adds modesty to the low cut long lace dress. Very stylish indeed. Look how Naomi rocked her lace!

Leather is always good, edgy, and fun. The blazer only classes up the already bejeweled and polished style created by the embellishments on the shorts. Stylish, petite, and super cute!

Look at us go for our 4th look, the model teases with clean pulled back hair, shades, oversized jewelry, and a thin belt. A thin belt would make this Static Chain Gown sold by Nicole Miller a lot more interesting.

Blonde Beauties never leave home without a roomy handbag. You know how we need that bag with us that can hold all our necessities. From makeup to diapers, tablets and more. Grab your laptop and go! Be sure your straps and your shoulders can support the weight, and don't forget your sunglasses. Nicole Miller has quite a few good looking pairs for great prices.

Toning down a look with leather pants works. Still, all I can think about now is preserving beautiful skin. The Nicole Miller Brand is growing so much. She even offers beauty products, iPad cover, and covers for your Kindle too.

Our number 1 features Sara Jessica Parker doing metallics with her black blazer in the best way. Her golden blonde hair and the birthstone color of December, showing off nails to match.

* The song playing through the Fashion Presentation is Feelin' Alright by Joe Cocker.

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He's back again with a great new album. Joe Cocker's believe it or not 23rd studio album will be released in November, and will be a more than worthy follow-up to his No.1 album "Hard Knocks". Fire It Up" was produced by Matt Serletic, who among others has worked with Matchbox Twenty, Santana, Rob Thomas and Collective Soul. Read More....