Panties And Slips

First you have to consider what fashion is to you. Then you will be able to determine what your perception is about our latest share. Is fashion just what you wear on the outside? Does fashion include only clothing or does it go deeper?

For us here at Abornewords, it's easy to recognize that fashion goes deeper than what you might see on the outer exterior of ones body. Bloomers are our latest find. We had to share it with you once we spotted these in one of our favorite catalogs.

3-Pack Bloomers by Comfort Choice
3-Pack Bloomers by Comfort Choice (clipped to

Yes, bloomers are an undergarment worn to prevent chafing. The highlights of this very simple helper are the elastic waist and elastic leg feature. Immediately, when I saw these, I knew I wanted to own a few pairs. They looked decent, almost like casual shorts in a soft cloth. If someone saw me sporting these, I would not feel embarrassed. Women who wear dresses and skirts without pantyhose, leggings, or tights will appreciate these. Its no surprise that sweat and a set of cannon thighs don't mix. There has to be an in between, something besides a slip. Bloomers are perfect! There has to be something that can help other than powder. Although comfortable, it doesn't work very long.

Thanks to our Women Within Catalog, I have been exposed to something new and necessary for my lifestyle. I hope you find this information just as useful. Some of you may be thinking: What about spanx? Well, all I will say is that there are fiffernt types of comfort and bloomers will provide a special kind.

Order yours today! Request a catalog from Woman Within, or check out some of the other things that might not fall into what you consider your fashion category. Share your favorite finds in our comment section.

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