Something For Guys

We have been successful at bringing you the latest trends, hot news spins on stories, and the must have products, all the things we believe will change your life or make it more convenient. Your tastebud cravings have also been satisfied, as we took you and your imagination on a whirlwind ride that likely made you merry-go-round dizzy. We turned our obsessions into informative, beneficial content. The made you look factor happened naturally too, and that you did while also picking up a little bit of the sweet mood shifts of personality, offered up on the regular.

It's time for Abornewords to increase what we have to offer our male audience. Exploring new ways to keep you coming back for more, is only one part of our new approach. To fully execute our strategy, a few things must happen to keep you faithful to our content. We must get to know you a little better, offer you merchandise that is useful, and offer more opportunities for you to get involved.

No, we are not introducing models, in string bikinis, for anyone to drool over. Instead we are trying out some new material that will hopefully captivate and excite you just a little more. Take a look at one of the things we have in mind.

The new content will still be engaging and informative, just like all the content we have shared with you since our beginning. Reaching this point of change has taken lots of time and the journey has been fun. As we continue on, expect to read more of what is real to us. There will be more video uploading, revealing the weeks content, more fashion, and a new Blog Link called Suits and Ties. Readers can also expect to be viewing more videos from our Videos For All Section. Therefore, we want to encourage you, our readers, to open an account with AOL 5 Minute Video and upload all of the videos you can not wait to share with the world. We will also be hiring Abornewords Contributors periodically, so if you have dreamed of sharing your expertise, watch for the Abornewords Help Wanted Post. As your Creative Director, I will be sure to let you experience more of my personality. You will still get to smile, learn, laugh out loud and also be informed. Loosen your ties and get your binoculars out.....Watch how we do that new!

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