Who You Look Like

For those of you who thought Rapper JD held the Most Fly Crown in the Eyewear Category, you just may want to rethink your position after you read this post. Before you start to think about other Rappers who can rock a mean pair of sunglasses, as the paps snap shots, think about an edgy set of twins, on the rise. No not Tia and Tamera either. It's entrepreneurs, Coco & Breezy. The two released their first Eyewear Collection in 2010 and they never looked back or second guessed their talent. The goal seemed attainable and they went for the gold. Their Made it in America Story started with only 1000 dollars after arriving in New York. Today, the twins are gracing magazine covers like Essence. When they did their all black and white everything shoot for the April Issue of Essence Magazine, they proved that making us look twice was very easy. Born in pairs, they are the Astrological Symbolism in human form. Modeling in their Black and White Looks for Essence was just another check onto their goals accomplished list, as they expressed the importance of dreaming big.

In Essence, the twins showed off their fashionable style and eyewear passion with hairstyles that perfectly shaped their faces. To get a look at their newest collection called Omorose, you should check out the Coco & Breezy Website. There you can shop your favorites or just google Zesiro Coco & Breezy or Goldenheart Coco & Breezy.

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