Covering up is not what we want to do when cold temperatures arrive and we start to feel more than the chills. Pulling ourselves from beneath the comfort of our blankets and covers is difficult enough but it must be done if we want to began our work journey's for the day. For women, covering up could mean destroying a new hairdo or even worse, messing up a perfectly good makeup application. Excluding meteorologist, models, and actors, guys are probably more concerned with the weight/heaviness of their outerwear. There is nothing like going into the workplace and feeling half done. It's how we feel if our nail polishes are chipped or we forget our lipstick on those days when we have to drink from our glasses without using a straw. Feeling half done or undone is exactly what can happen on some of those frigid winter days. Being overdressed has a downside too. Think about how uncomfortable it can be for those of us who work at a location where the thermostats are set from a central location. Getting overheated can be just as bad as feeling half done.

Needless to say, cute little accessories can not only keep you warm and comfortable, they can also add style to your winter look and alleviate the unecessary worry associated with looking great in the workplace. David & Young Accessories (I'm wearing a headwrap from the brand in the photo) are not only sold at Department Stores like Dillard's and Nordstorm, we actually have these affordable accessories, and more, at Stein Mart too. When you think of cute little accessories, think David & Young and Stein Mart.