Styling models for a long road trip may seem like an easy task when you have two qualified stylist on board, but add in a few stipulations and thing can get a little more complicated. See how it all plays out below.

Reebok 'Wedge A. Keys' Sneaker (Women)

Fashion Stylist Dawn Del Russo and Quentin Fears are put to the test by Whitney Port. They each have only 10 minutes to put together their Road Trip looks. The mystery item that needs to be incorporated into the mix is a pair of Wedge Sneakers.

Wedge Sneakers are a great choice for adding height, when you want a break from high heels. They also help dress down business attire that includes slacks, a blouse, or some type of jacket.

Enjoy the episode and remember that Wedge Sneakers are a very stylish addition during winter months too!

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