If you want to learn how to save a few bucks, some thrifty shoppers will recommend coupon clipping, others will recommend renting vs owning, and there will be a choice few who direct you to places like Portero.

Portero is an online resource where you can purchase "authentic pre-owned luxury". You can Visit the Site to check out all the cool finds that are up for grabs. Today we will be focusing on luxury handbags and backpacks. Ask yourself, why is it necessary to own at least one great handbag. You can probably come up with a handful of reasons why you should. Let's face it, you work hard to earn your checks. How many times have you acknowledged that you deserve a reward for my hard work? A Luxury Handbag is often the main go to item for ladies in need of a special treat. Shopping for designer brands is always so exciting! Getting a great deal on a slightly used item makes you feel like you have hit the jackpot.

Luxury items from Louis Vuitton can run upwards in the thousandths. That's what makes Portero's wide range of offerings so attractive. After checking out the site, the classic Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Montsouris PM Backpack Bag. On Portero, the $495 dollar price tag is a major deal.

Bag Borrow and Steal is a site that offers a wide range of luxury items too. The cherry on top there is that rentals are an option.

Whether you want to fake it 'til you make it or just save a few bucks on those Luxury Brands, you can't seem to live without, there are options. Portero is one of them. Check out the other cool brands in Dawn Del Russo's Ptch Presentation and tell us what you think. Remember, Potero can help make shopping for birthdays and holidays more affordable.