Every woman wants to spruce up their look by making a few changes, to wardrobe or style, every once and awhile. The dilemma happens for women when the numerous amount of choices causes indecisiveness. Women use jewelry, hair accessories, leggings, designer tights, hair color changes, bright blouses, and shoes to refresh their look. Take a look a how expert Fashion Stylist Dawn Del Russo does heels in Gold.

You made her do it and we are not sorry. The gold heels takes her all white everything out of the dull category and puts her into a line that could lead to a White Party in the Hamptons. A white blazer would finish the look perfectly for the occasion.
The mid thigh turquoise shorts add the pop of color to handle the shine of the gold shoes and the tail on the white shirt adds enough cover to make everyone enjoy watching her walk away.
Levis put out their new ads and their 501 Interpretation took center stage. Here's what Life & Times author Yale Breslin wrote: "Since its invention in 1873 the Levi’s 501 jean has taken on a life of its own, becoming a beloved global icon of culture and style. As the original blue jean, it has evolved into one of the most adaptable fashion items ever created".... jeans will always fit perfectly into any wardrobe. Dress them up or dress them down, they look great. Look how the green adds the happy to Russo's look!

The cuff in her capri style jeans draws attention to the gold shoes while the light colored striped sweater creates enough mystery to add imaginary curves or make them look more flattering.

The layered looking white dress is perfect for a night out on the town. The embellishments on the dress are working like the sparkle of stars in the sky. Five ways to wear gold heels is a womans guide to casual with a glowing shoe twist.