Seriously, ever since my early adolescent and teen years, when I was that bean pole girl with no chest, long legs, and a super thin diaphragm, I have always loved a good pair of short, shorts. Take a look at how Dawn Del Russo advises you to wear your short shorts.

Even though my clothing choices are a little bit different now, I still appreciate the look, of some cute daisies. No not flowers, silly. That reference came from the Dukes of Hazards ( a show I grew up on) you know how the term still floats today. Daisy Dukes are the ish.

Dawn Del Russo is good at what she does. Fashion is her passion. Check out her Tory Burch pick for the white shorts combo. The jacket is designed with stripes on the sleeves, combining perfectly with the tweed looking center attraction. A fancy look to say the least.

The Alice + Olivia Blazer helps to dress up the look of the shorts. A polyester, silk, or any soft fabric will work to add a little classy to short, shorts. As far as shoes, even though heels are ideal, a flat would not take away from the dressy effect added by the jacket. Choosing a black blouse and the same shoe color provides enough contrast to make the shorts pop in the right way. Another way to play up a blazer is to add a colorful purse matched with either the shoes or the blouse.

Although the tunic by Marni is perfect on any body type, women with larger arms or heavier waist lines will shift the attention to their great legs with ease. The pattern is eye catching like the Missoni zig zag.

Adding texture over the white is like layering style. The kangaroo pockets are a flattering addition to the white blouse. For some reason I'm thinking a wedge shoe will complete this look by Chloe perfectly.

Cute & girly is how I describe pink. Even though the word on little North West is no pink allowed, we believe that the color adds softness to a girl.

Shirts on the inside are not reserved for belted styles; showoffs with six packs, slim frames, and narrow diaphragms, love to wear their shirts on the inside too. All that's missing is the red lipstick!

The simple tee from Oasap reminds me of Old Navy or Gap tees. They work perfectly with almost anything, so letting it all hang out is easy.

The green blouse with the movable material is a little bit risky with the see through fabric. It is a good choice for those who want appeal and modesty.

Finally, the whole white shorts presentation contains some great tips. Still, there are not any suggestions for ladies who want to show off a little less legs. I have seen women wear leggings or tights and shorts and I actually think it's a great way to do shorts. After seeing all these ideas, you have an endless amount of choices to tweak any way you like.

Upload your photos showing off your short , shorts. You may be featured in an upcoming post on Abornewords.

Do you think leggings and tights with shorts are a fashion faux pau?

*4am by Kaskade is playing through this fashion presentation.

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