Scrappy has accused Erica Dixon of being emotionless. Many fans of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta believe Erica Dixon's lack of emotions are justified due to Scrappy's repeated episodes of hurt, lies, and distrustful behavior.

Erica Dixon may not have experienced her Cinderella Moment with Rapper Scrappy on the VH1 Hip-Hop Hit Show. However, she is steadily creating her own moments to be noticed since the shows Atlanta finale.

Look how the fashionista has spun her curves into the green DunkSuits shown above. We had to let our female readers and male readers in on this fashionable look!  It won't break the bank and these suits flatter curvy figures.   They come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Now we know that Erica Dixon is about more than Mama drama, Side Chic Messes, and Relatinship Hassles. She likes to look good too! Moreover, she knows how to spot a good looking, trendy bargains. Are DunkSuits something you can get accustomed too?

Erica is wearing the Reversible Green Starburst Dunk Suit. The Black Confetti Dunk Suit and Red Chez Mix Dunk Suit are two unstoppable looks. For more info. GO HERE