It is no secret that women are very careful making fashion choices that run the risk of adding a few extra pounds to their silhouette. Flowers usually are said to be one of the things that produce extra pounds. However, there are ways to look flattering in flowers. Take a look at one dress that plays them up very well.

Here is what R&B Singer and Author Tyrese Gibson had to say about dresses in his joint collaboration best selling book entitled Manology, according to Essence Contributors Charreah K. Jackson & Charli Penn. "A man does not care about makeup and dresses. He cares about how fat your ass is" Now, here is what Abornewords has to share about dresses! Studio West Apparel is becoming one of my favorites just because their comfortable clothing makes getting dressed a pleasure. No more worrying about alterations, as there is enough stretch to accommodate curvy figures, in many of their designs. The flowers in this dress are not overdone. There is so much space between the flowers and enough going on with the dark and bright colors, making the flowers less obvious. The other colors on the dress really help. Brighter colors get more attention and possibly add on a few extra pounds, but since the flowers blend well with the other colors, looking fat will be the least of your worries.

Other win win details include:

  • Cleopatra Neckline
  • Smocked waist
  • 100% Cotton

  • In contrast, females who want to create illusions of larger bodies often use flowery pattern to their advantage, in the same way as females with smaller chest sizes use ruffles, to enhance their appearance. Liking the Studio West dress featured above was easy for me since I own a couple of the brands pleated skirts. If you like it too, sign up for an email alert on, as it is currently out of stock!  Dresses and skirts make summertime more fun, so don't forget to include them in your wardrobe.  What is your favorite piece of summer clothing?

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