Back in my heyday, my girls and I would walk through the 10th Ward, in New Orleans, wearing jean mini-skirts and Daniel Green Slippers with cute little socks and Headwraps to match. We didn't think much about setting trends or even calling the latest fashion craze a trend. We just knew we wanted to be wearing what was in style and were crazy about brand names. We had a tendency to equate spending more money with being on point too. With stores like Stein Mart around, shopping for brand names and the latest trends is easier and economical too.

Find Fergalicious Footwear At Stein Mart

A fashion craze, helping many women to sizzle through summer with cool feet is and a little something extra, is fringe. Fringe on clothing and fringe on purses is super cool. Fringe on feet is just what we like better here on Abornewords, especially since Fergie Footwear arrived in Stein Mart stores. I couldn't believe my eyes when on of our clients came through my line to check out! Beyonce made wearing braids a whole lot cooler when photographers seem to capture her in perfect hair formation. Now it Fergilicious Footwear in Fringe that is as cool as Beyoncé's Lemonade to Mums of all ages.

Working in Retail at Stein Mart keeps we in the know on what is trending for Mums and many Mums all seem are jumping on the Fetgalicious Fringe Bandwagon.

Top trends for Fergie Footwear are Block Party (popular like clog were in the 80's), Gorgeous Gladiators and Women's Weever Booties. Is fringe already in your closet? That's all