Dress To Kill (help from Glamour)

For some reason I always think rich and understated, when I see overalls. My Dad loves overalls; he wears them often. Seeing them styled, by Dawn Del Russo and Corey Parker, certainly makes them seem more fun and interesting. What a way to intensify the pressure of this fashion challenge.

Dawn Del Russo and Corey Parker got a lot of negative feedback on the shoes because of the event location. The judges believed the look of the models should have been more practical for the occasion.

What I would have done differently

accessories to a simple silicone peace wristband

shoes to spiked/studded Pastry sneaker by Vanessa & Angela Simmons or these sold by EveAllure. Yummy! ✓

Purses to Vera Bradley Creations because they are colorful and fun.✓

Hair done with fun head band in a cute color matching the outfit, wristband, or purse✓

What would your style checklist include? How would you wear your overalls?

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