Ever since I found the Afropolitan Mom Website, I have been reading and commenting on it, as much as possible. Kira O. really shares material that keeps me informed and inspired. She recently shared a Fashion Post on wearing white after Labor Day that I absolutely loved!

Jay Stein, Chariman & Founder of Stein Mart Department Store, one of my employers, released and invite and a thank you using a letter. Its shown below.

Many Stein Mart Shoppers may have recieved it already but I just had to share it anyway. I felt compelled to put it in the Digital Space because it's a refreshing gesture coming from someone at the top of our organization. What I read on the Afropolitan Mom Website, about wearing white after Labor Day, also influenced my decision.

The patterns and prints on this share really sealed the deal for me! At Stein Mart Department Store, brands like Peck & Peck (exlcusive to Stein Mart) are making great designs using variations of patterns and prints and they're unique and authentic. I used social media (Twitter) to tell you all that jackets and boots were already on our sales floor. Have you purchased either to usher in the fall season? Like Jay Stein remined us, it's the perfect time for a lot of things. Make shopping with us yours.

Tag you're it.