The Fanny Pack craze is proof that trends go in and out of style with each generation so it does not matter if you are generation X, Y, or Xennial, you have probably seen this trend in your day. The newest gossip and wonder surrounds Kendall Jenner and her Louis Vuitton Fanny Pack. The authenticity of the bag is in question because of a previous licensing agreement obtained by a French Company giving the company power to use the brands name and logos. In the image Kendall seems to be channeling her Mum Kris Jenner.

Vannessa is Mum to New Orleans Rapper Nice Gunz

Vannessa is Mum to Rapper Nice Gunz

Fake or authentic, she is looking more and more like her Mum, one of the hardest working Mum’s in the business. Kris Jenner is famous for making her girls (the other Kardashian Sisters) famous for just being famous. Another hard working Mum who has not let go of her Fanny Pack is Vannessa, Mum to Rapper Nice Gunz. In the pictures below, you see her wearing Fanny Packs and loving every minute of it. Are you wondering what she has in it too? If you would like to she Kendall rocking a fanny pack around her waist, visit the purse blog That’s all. Kudos…