Guess Who's Uncovered

Blue Ivy has been photographed uncovered quite a few times lately. A little voice tells us that the inevitable has happened to the little Carter Princess. She is starting to grow up and is becoming more and more curious about the world around her. Her curiosity is getting the best of her so to speak. We were lead to believe that Beyonce voluntarily uncovered Blue Ivy during a shopping spree, when the first photo of the 6 month old was released. However, we recently were told by a source that Blue Ivy  burst from beneath the covering, as Beyonce  struggled to keep her hidden from the world.

All you parents who have experienced a similar situation are probably laughing hysterically right now. As children age, they not only fight sleep. They become more curious about the things going on in the environment around them. We advice you to read the comments on some of these blogs and also check out what community members are saying in forums. Some of the topics concerning The Carter's may surprise you. Here are some of the shockers we could not help but share.

Not a barrette: Blue Ivy  is a cutie petutti. Yet, she has not been seen in any photo's that show her wearing any of the accessories that other little girls wear during those early months of life. For instance, a flower in her hair, a halo headband, or at least a cute little bonnet. There is speculation that Blue Ivy may eventually turn into Shiloh, Angelina Jolie's tomboy daughter. After seeing Daddy Hove, using some type of Walkie Talkie type device used for communication, and a curious Blue  reaching for it, we think the idea is something to consider.

Fashion: Beyonce  is not revealing what designer clothes and other must haves she loves to purchase for Blue Ivy these days. That seem odd! You would think Tina Knowles, who has made sewing such a vital part of the Knowles lifestyle, would have at least spilled the beans about the first outfit she made for Blue. Except, she is hush hush. We are still sure there are plenty too see. The fashion news surrounding Blue Ivy is similar to what happened during Beyonce's  pregnancy, as far as the scoop goes. Maybe, the Hip-Pop Parents are planning to release the news later. We sure hope so! Until then, we will just have to wait it out like everyone else.

No shoes: Don't laugh y'all. They are The Carter's. Seeing Blue shoeless, most of the time, has some of us thinking The Flintstones. Could Blue Ivy's shoeless photos be the famous parents way of branding the Carter Princess as an official Roc kid? We are not aware of what Blue Ivy's  famous and smart parents have up their sleeves, but we are willing to accept the Roc Kid theory as the truth, here at Abornewords.

We do not want to wait for Grandma Knowles to give us the scoop. And since, Beyonce and Daddy Hove seem reluctant to give us the news on their favorite things for Baby Blue, we have taken it upon ourselves to pick a designer that really needs no introduction, Tori Spelling. Her children's clothing line called little maven is perfect for Blue Ivy. After we saw the cute little vest and dress worn by the child model, wearing a halo, we had to share Tori's designer dibs with you all. The Carter's little Princess  will be walking soon. We can not wait to see her turn into a little fashionista. It is all about Blue Ivy! We have seen what is in Queen Bees  closet already. Now it's Blue Ivy's turn to shine. All we have to say is we love you Fred, Wilma andBlue Ivy. Find little maven clothing at JC Penney's.