A woman's attitude about the romance her guy offers involves things like: remembering birthdays and anniversary celebrations that might include Mom and Dad around a table full of all her favorite dishes. The food and whose in attendance matters and adds to the intimacy and romance of the occasion.

That's why what he's wearing is so important too. Guys can make celebrations or date nights more special by wearing Custom Made Clothing. An added touch is a tie that captures your attention. Peter Dinklage (Game Of Thrones) wore a Custom Suit, shirt and tie on Esquires March Cover, tailored to his measurements perfectly. His is in a shade of gray, compliments of Giorgio Armani. Still there are other colors looking good on guys this season. Here are some designs from Alexander McQueen that are sure to get guys an A+ for style and romance. Michael Webb has written a book that can help to give you many ideas on how to have romance in your relationship. To set the mood, try the Bridgewater candle. It was featured in an issue of Working Mother Magazine.

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