"Flowers and candy and all kinds of gifts" are just something to make a man "feel better while he is on his guilt trip about the night before" according to famous singer Betty Wright who sang those lyrics in her No Pain, (No Gain) classic hit. Righting wrongs apparently is on the minds of both NeNe Leakes and her now ex-husband Greg Leakes. The two are planning to rewed, after divorcing in 2011. NeNe even tells In Touch Magazine this time she'll be working with Greg which seems to indicate that their former union may have felt like a tug-a-war battle. The New Normal Leakes has talking credit cards and shopping. She is also making love a priority, saying everyone should have a chance to experience it. The Atlanta Housewife is constantly gracing magazine covers, showing off her personality with stylish spreads. In Ebony, Leakes took everyone by storm in the Money and Power Issue before the fireworks of New Years blasted. The fashionable, fabulous Television Personality wowed everyone with her money dress. She did not get the controversial news coverage associated with Lady GaGa's Meat Dress. However, Ebony helped to show off her Guillermo Couture Money Dress. It's all about the look for Celebs and Ebony nailed it with what appeared to be a diamond filled tub cover.

NeNe Behind The Scenes
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In light of the Leakes reconciliation, we had to show love. Keeping with the idea of reconciliation and rekindled love, there are some wedding dresses that I love featured in my complimentary copy of Bridal Guide Magazine's March/April Issue.

Wedding Gowns

Our favorite accessories on Bridal Guides It List are:

  • Silver glitter heart shaped clutch by Celebboutique
  • Ivy Earrings by Martine Wester
  • Glass pearl and crystal hair comb by Miriam Haskel
  • Organza hairclip by Bride's Head Revisited 

NeNe Leakes makes regular appearances on the Wendy Williams Show and she recently landed a Sister2Sister Magazine Cover. The 2 day Co-host sit in on The View was icing on the cake for the rising star. Yeah for the Blonde Beauty and her rekindled love to Greg. On weddings, are headpieces more romantic than veils and which one would be perfect for NeNe? Tell us what you think!

Disney Dream Weddings

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