Ha, Ha, Ha Beauty

You can't keep a good woman down should be Mimi Faust's new mantra. After taking a look at her Instagram Page, it is very obvious that she has no worries about the latest rumors of a Marriage Celebration, including Celebrity Guest like , Mrs. Trust & Believe Singer Keisha Cole and Movie Star Songstress, Jill Scott. No, Mimi Faust does not look like she has any worries. Check her out getting all dolled up below.

Besides being in high demand, making appearances, and attending celebrity celebrations like Reality TV Star Nene Leakes recent Remarriage Celebration, boutique owners are trying to figure out how to get Mimi Faust into their clothes.

Since Mimi Faust seems to be partying more and more these days, she will probable be leaving her sweat behind in more places than just the Bahamas, as she parties like it's 1999. That sounds so cliche but resisting the popular phrase would have made this post a little less fun.

Mimi Faust will be partying in Patterson, Louisiana at The Patterson Civic Center with Young Gabe this Saturday Night!

Have a double dose of fun, if you will be in attendance.

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