Looking relaxed as he brings in his 21st Birthday, he could have chosen to have a few shots of alcohol. Instead of choosing headshots and a hangover, he decided to mark his Right of Passage to adulthood with something a little more positive. He pursued what he says is his other calling, fashion, creating The Lapel Custom Clothing Brand.

Since he has dedicated so much of his time and effort into staying connected to God, it seems like a natural l progression directly in line with the pulpit. No matter how many accusations fly about the church being a big fashion show, he still loves to put on his Sunday best just like so many other church goers.

The Lapel Custom Clothing provides high quality customized clothing, tailored with you in mind! When he meets with you, he is showing you hundredths of fabrics from a selection of thousandths available for purchase. Hundreds of sketches are available for viewing to help make your vision a reality. Better yet, tell him exactly what you want your suit to look like and he can prepare a sketch for you.

The tagline he created for The Lapel Custom Clothing is "Wear it Well". You will be doing just that once he gets your measurements exactly right. He's covering Personalized Consultations in Brevard County and the surrounding area. Suits, shirts (customized lettering) jackets, pants, vests, and ties. Get whatever you want! To find out more about The Lapel Custom Clothing visit their Facebook page The Lapel CC or you can message him on his own personal page at Rodell Phillips.