We told you about Donald Trump hosting SNL because it's relevant to Pop Culture.  All of the same voters who voted for Obama are now pondering how their vote will make a difference while watching Trump spread his Cripple America Message.

Meanwhile, there is another Trump being noticed.  It's Ivanka Trump, Donald's perky daughter.  Though her name keeps reminding me of the Taaka Vodka Brand, as I slightly chuckle at the idea of how odd that really is, I have to respect her grind.  On her Blog, the young Mom is giving us a dose of double trouble with her Holiday Campaign.  Take a look.

ou are eligible to win 10 of the goodies you see featured in the video so enter here knowing that Ivanka Trump is all about that business. At Stein Mart we have quite a few pieces from her clothing line and the Ivanka Trump Fragrance smells just lovely I might add.  Drop by your local Stein Mart and ask for more details or just check out our website.

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