Not High But Superior

There is a lot of shine beaming from the buzz of Vera Wang Sunglasses. In fact, Elle featured the Avatea Sunglasses highlighting their translucent, rounded heptagon shaped frames. Translucent frames are a very versatile item. Pair them with casual attire or dress up with blazers and shoes. The black lenses created the mystery for the Vera Wangs translucent frames. You can't go wrong with the right pair of sunglasses. We found a pair of animal print Vera Wang Sunglasses that you may think are pretty cool. Take a look.

These are for the more adventruous shopper. Translucent Shades can read as plain to someone with style defined with colors and an upbeat look that includes patterns and prints like flowers or other geometric shapes. Leopard Print is for someone who wants something other than a safe look those created using nudes and grays. Heres proof that leopard print is hot! Check out Marie Claires Gallery In it you will observe everyting from dresses to jackets to shoes and handbags in leopard print. Sara Jessica Parker and Jennifer Lopez think leopard print is pretty hot!

There are those who have doubt about the power of animal print. Cha Cha featured Beyonce and Rhianna in a post last year questioning whether or not the style should live on. We believe it is something that has a permanent place in fashion. Tell us what you think and send us your photos showing off your animal print.