With all the craziness going around, I had to share this very important information about lipstick. Keep reading, if you are anxious to find out why Naomi Campbell is recommending that we check our lipstick. British SuperModel Naomi Campbell is and has always been a true representation of beauty for women of color on and off the runway. The bronzed beauty was spotted recently at Milan Fashion Week, near the Versace runway, sitting ladylike wearing thigh high boots, past her knees, in full selfie mode.

Model Naomi Campbell (L) and F1 driver Lewis Hamilton attend the show fashion house Versace during the Women's Fall/Winter 2017/2018 fashion week in Milan, on February 23, 2017. / AFP / Miguel MEDINA

She advises, recommends, and warns "check your lipstick before you come and talk to me" in a very subtle manner in the gif below.


The image is a perfect way for her to poke fun at Covergirl's newest commercial which features Super Model, Molly Sims. Watch the commercial and you will surely laugh out loud! That's all. Kudos...