When Tamar Braxton first released her new song The One, everyone knew that the summer would be just a little bit better. There are hits and there are even bigger hits! Let's just say there is nothing small about The One, Tamar's latest hit to sound off on the airwaves. Check out the song from the sound cloud platform.

With a video soon following The One's single buzz, Tamar & her team must have realized the songs potential too wow Ta-Martians. Love birds will not only reminisce and couple up to the sounds of this summer anthem, they will fall in love with the visuals. It's pure love! Take a look at Tamar's fun, summer girl look!ConcreteLoop dropped the news on the video before Hurricane Season started, along with this image. Everyone thinks the real buzz is Tamar's new music and album release date. Okay, maybe the video is cause for a stir, but there is one thing that we have not missed at Abornewords. It's Tamar Braxton's style, during her mommy with child snapshots.

The comparisons between celebs with baby bumps has already happened quite a few times. Who do you think wins in a baby bump style competition between well known celebs like Kelis, Beyonce, Tamar Braxton, Kim Kardashian, and Snooki and what would the competition category be called?

Abornewords has the answers to those questions. Before we tell you who wins in,what will be known from here on out as, the Abornewords Keeping it Real With Baby Mama's Baby Bump Category, we will tell you who our finalist are and how we decided who the winner would be.

After wrestling with a choice between Kim Kardashian and Tamar Braxton, Tamar came out on top because of her fashion choices in her The One Video. Although, Kim Kardashian gets major applause for all of the fun she had with style, during her pregnancy, she didn't defeat the Love & War Queen Tamar Braxton, who made her initial preganancy announcement, via internet, all dressed in white. Tamar just seemed like an obvious choice, after the video, especially when I thought about all the events leading up to today.

Since my vote was the tie breaker, I went with the Braxton Family Values She, he, me. You don't have to agree, but the proof is in the pudding and in this case The One is giving me a smiling pudding face.

What a way to sound off and create a lasting memory of her mommy with child moment.

What would you name the category, if you had the chance?

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