It's time to get under those beds and pull out the Spacebags so that you can unpack all of your fashionable winter gear. Okay so maybe you didn't store your favorite over coat in there. You keep your overcoat in the same place where your lucky jacket is, shoved to the far left, in your closet, covered in the same plastic your dry cleaner put it in.

Are you gagging right now? There is nothing wrong with wearing last seasons clothing and coats! Sure many Celebrities make it a point to avoid repeating the same look twice. How successful they are at doing it, depends on their stylist, organization systems and checkbooks. I hope and pray you are feeling like you are in a class of your own too because it's high time that you started to recognize how worthy you really are. Does being worthy mean you can have the best? Does it mean you need a new coat? Only you can answer that!

Whether you decide to pull out your checkbook or not, at Abornewords we are still going to show off our favorites. Loving this Wool Duffle Coat if easy. It comes in two colors, camel and charcoal. The charcoal color is shown above. I like it because it is a deep color like navy. The inside lining offers a real good contrasting color effect too. Wool is certainly made for extremely frigid temperatures so guys get ready to let this fashionable coat hug you like a glove.

The wide pockets are roomy enough for your hands and a few other small items. A 60% markdown is a good reason to jump on this bargain. One more thing! You can wear the hood along with your beanie and show off your baby face.

Our second pick is available at Nordstrom, at a decent price too. The design details really caught my attention after I noticed the two pocket style. I love it when my son wears two pocket fashion, the style really suits him well. The Tinford Quilted Jacket by Barbour has a corduroy collar and comes in navy and olive, a very deep looking shade of green. The slant pockets almost camouflage into the diamond quilted design. It's not to heavy and can be worn with your favorite jeans or even help you to dress down a formal look.

Is the light weight jacket the most adorable thing you ever seen? I think it is, so share this with your friends, even if you are not ready to buy.

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