Sunglasses are a must have during Summer.

Most of us think in terms of style before we ever think about the suns harmful UV radiation and how it could affect our eyes. Skin health often takes first place when it comes to sun damage. There is a type of sunburn that happens to our eyes too. According to The American Optometric Association, when our eyes get burned it's called photo keratitis. A gritty feeling and redness are only a couple of systems associated with this condition. It is not clearly defined how much solar radiation can damage the eyes permenantly so please try to take precautions and wear your sunglasses, when you are spending more time in the sun.

The Bal Harbour Magazine really got it right with those mirrored lenses you see the model wearing above. Here are a few of our favorites from the people we follow on Instagram.

Erica Dixon (L&HHA)

This post has sentimental value so we are doing a giveaway. My Great Aunt use to brag about how she worked in the Bal Harbour District as a Maid. We would love to see how you rock more sunglasses. Upload your images in the comment section. The best look will win a $25 gift card to shop online at Stein Mart. That's all.