We Like JIBRI And Meghan Trainor Likes Full Beauty

Finding a Fashion Designer that creates products suited for your style may be difficult, depending on your body type. You may be a woman with a high waist and long legs like me or maybe you're the woman who loves Maxi Dresses or the woman with a small waist and thighs like cannons. No matter how your body flows from head to toe, when you find a brand that fits you well, you will likely start filling your wardrobe with all of your favorite looks.

The Model is wearing JIBRI, a brand that started out from humble beginnings on Etsy and has now intergrated to jibrionline.com. JIBRI Designs are made to cater to fashion conscious curvy women. I just love their Peplum Tops and Peplum Dresses. Thanks to a friend of mine, yes I said friend, I have discovered this wonderful brand. I actually feel like I have found many diamonds in the rough, looking at all the choices available in the JIBRI Fashion Line.

The standards of this brand, according to their Facebook Page, support independent production, offering artisan quality with only a 21 day turnaround time. It's an approach that seems to be working for JIBRI, in addition to their Pop-Up Shops.

Bloggers seem to love JIBRI and I can see why too; everything that JIBRI introduces is on and popping and a definite confirmation that curvy women can be fashionable and on trend. "Life is to short to wear boring clothes" so shop JIBRI!

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