Sweaters beat pajamas (jammies) any day) so I figured this is a perfect Blogger Blast! Florida is finally feeling the chill so maybe you can envy the Sunshine State a little less, when you are wearing snow boots and shoveling snow from your driveways. This past week not only have I purchased a sweater, I have actually started wearing long sleeves. Not just for outside either because I live in a house that gets really drafty around this time of year so I like to wear sleeves to keep the cold chill off me. It's a nice change from the Sports bras covered with loose fitting Toppers I sometimes wear to work at Stein Mart.

That reminds me, our Winter Inventory has been out on the sales floor for quite some time now and I must admit I have been crushing cashmere ever since I first laid eyes on the rainbow section of colors we have available. Take a look......


The online preview of our 14 hrs sale is available now. The good news is that these soft and gorgeous sweaters are listed as a doorbuster so you get like a $20 discount. As you can see from the photo, the color selection provides choices for every personality and mood. Right now I'm feeling like a navy or a red. What about you?


  • Godiva Chocolate is for more than stuffing stockings but  why not?


Get your Godiva at Stein Mart.