Jordache, Gloria Vanderbilt, Wranglers, and Levis are all jeans that Generation X most likely grew up wearing. It is always about making a fashion statement, so when Wrangler came out with their Spa Jeans that claimed to moisturize and improve the appearance of cellulite, Good Morning America made sure their viewers knew what was unfolding in denim. Unlike a taste test like those performed for die-hard foodies, Good Morning America showed off the jeans using a wear test of prancing models. If you haven't heard already, peep the buzz. Yes, bodies were prancing and opinions were bouncing off the walls while cameras illuminated the faces of the skeptics. Do they really work? Critics were quick to say no, but the feel of the jeans have many women showing off their I don't care what you say attitudes.

Call it a psychological back up mechanism, self esteem booster, or anything else that will help you to understand better, but women always, always want to feel good about themselves. If knowing that a few extra ingredients, in the clothes their wearing, has the potential to help their overall appearance, makes them feel better, then, more power to them. That is what counts in the end. The Smooth Skin Wrangler Jeans have been treated with Skintex, a blend of sea kelp, caffeine, and retinol which apparently is released during the friction of wear. Anytime smooth and slimming are mentioned, somehow products sound more appealing. Ladies, we are not through giving you the scoop on fashion geared toward making you look fabulous and thin. Just when you think fashion creators and designers have decided to relax a bit, the fashion hiccup happens and something new emerges that seems better than the last hot thing. Here comes Chico's with their So Slimming Pants, an ad, most recently running on NBC, boasted the tag line,  "a little slim, a lot of swagger", ending with "There's a little chico's in every woman". Chico's didn't get Good Morning America coverage, but the commercial helps to tell the brands story effectively, showing off an active, confident woman who looks stylish and ready to take on life challenges.

It doesn't take Einstein to see that Businesses Professionals and Brand Manufacturers are thinking customer satisfaction, engagement, and bottom lines. They want consumers to have the best experience with their brand. For customers, price does not always factor into achieving that experience. Many customers often think in terms of looking good and feeling their best, both physically and emotionally. Abornewords has presented you with good fashion information for jeans and pants.

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