Behind The Lens

The importance of accomplishing achievements is only the first step in being recognized. To create the type of proliferation that can reach the masses requires multiple channels of documentation with Digital Media being the quickest way to create an immediate lasting record. Take a look at an Abornewords Spotlight Pick!

In 1992, John Singleton became the First Black Director to be nominated for an Academy Award for the Movie Boyz 'N' The Hood. The Film included West Coast Rapper ICE CUbE.

When Singleton is not Behind The Lens giving direction on the set, he is manuvering in Political and Business Circles.

His most recent attempt involved a move to purchase Fairfax Media's Radio Assets (one of Australia's largest Diversified Media Companies). Newspapers, magazines, and digital media are also a part of the Fairfax Media Dynasty. The outcome of the venture leaves Singleton optimistic about working with Gina Rinehart. The joint venture may lead to a strategy that will result in a majority share of Fairfax Stock being owned by the two business buddies. Mumbrella shared these details with their audience.

“Mr Singleton said today that Gutenberg Investments purchased shares in Fairfax Media as a result of the Fairfax board definitively closing the door on a sale or joint venture of their radio assets to Macquarie Radio Network. ‘For the amount of money I was prepared to pay for the radio assets of Fairfax I could buy a significant amount of all the assets of Fairfax at a far lower price to earnings multiple. Hence, with my preferred direct route closed, I have decided to pursue another path.”

John Singleton still is listed as an owner of Macquarie Radio Network, an Australian Station delivering talk and easy listening to adult fans throughout Melbourne and other cities in the area.

Singleton's next move Behind The Lens will most likely be memorable. Boyz 'N' The Hood, although centered on violence in the inner city of Los Angeles, is an important movie because it shows that outstanding acheivements can lead to great opportunities and a promising future, depending on the choices of our lives path. John Singleton is the Man In The Directors Chair. Here for more on John Singleton.

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