Valentine's Gear For All Stars

It's that time of year! Red becomes one of those dominant colors around Janurary. The heart is usually the symbol that is choosen to represent love. While the color red filling the shape, stands for the blood. Truly, both together equals passion. To remind you and also get you in the mood for your own heartfelt moments. We want to share a very creative and humorous video, from Dwight Howard, our favorite new Laker Superstar.

Dwight Howard's Romantic Voice

The video has been out and featured in quite a few markets since its creation, some time ago. Seeing Dwight Howard showing off his personality and style is no big surprise. His charisma is what won him so many fans in Florida and around the country. Being the Center of attention, for his above average balling skills, is just an extra.

The way Adidas used Dwight's natural charm to push the Adidas Brand is something that brings advertising and marketing into the mix. Lee Clow said, "Everything a brand does is a commercial" in an interview once. That statement is a good way to see branding in general. Adidas has turned into a classic brand by using campaign strategies that concur with Lee Clow's philosophy on branding. Executing effective advertising tactics is the reason Adidas has no trouble keeping their brands image fresh in the minds of consumers. Methods and means do matter.

Run DMC lead the charge early on to popularize the brand, and Adidas is still maintaining their presence in the Hip-Hop Community. A good example of the mega marketing power of Adidas in the Hip-Hop Community is, a tribute shared by Hip-Pop Star Kelis. Check it out what Kelis shared on twitter.

Dwight Howard helps the brand on an angle of fitness and athleticism. It's no wonder consumers are buying in on the brand. Fast Don't Lie had a romantic, fun vibe. Dwight Howard in a Dinner Jacket and the shoes on the platter are a nice touch. Ken Jeong, the Asian Comedian, seems more familiar after a few loops of Fast Don't Lie. Jeong's participation helps draw in an even larger group of fans for Adidas.

Hyping Adidas goodies as must have products is easy, when fashion is so much a part of what the brand does too. Wondering about Howard's newest Adidas commercial? The new commercial makes sure we won't forget about Adidas. What about that throb of the Foot Locker stamp of approval? It's like a footprint stomp right? The idea affirmation implies that Adidas is something consumers should want to have.

It's just like good credit! Higher ratings mean, we get approved for more credit, to buy the things we love. Think about it. Approved, credit, and shopping in the same sentence. Huh?

With Valentines Day coming and All Star Weekend extending the holiday, Foot Locker's sales are likely to shoot through the roof. Ghost Hunter or not, there will be a lot of ching ching sounds going down.

We know you didn't miss Derrick Rose either. Take that Carmelo Anthony!

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Dwight Howard's new commercial finds him in a scary, comical scene as he reaches a reality of being decked out baller style, in his Adidas Gear, from head to toe. Now we know how Dwight Howard straps up. How are you going to get suited up for the upcoming Super Bowl and All Star Games and your Valentines Day festivities? Tell us in the comment section.

The only other person who gets just as much attention as Michelle Obama, for having great arms, is Dwight Howard. Some fans say he has Giant Popeyes Arms. They do look pretty great. So we decided to check out what Dwight's Workout Routine is like. See for yourself

Kanye West is always recognized for the way he dresses and for good reason. He has great taste. Kanye West did not go with a deep color jacket like Dwight Howard did in the Fast Don't Lie Video. He chose Black and White, a combination of pure and safe, intended to be fashionable but not the main focus of the ensemble. The Hermes Birkin Travel Bag Kanye was carrying was the part of his wardrobe that stole the show. An attention getter for sure. Upscale Hype showed off Kanye's entire look.