Sneaker heads are always following the latest trends on what is hot and trending for the feet. No we are not talking about Lady Dahlia's Sneaker Addiction either. Still, somehow Jordan's are always on the radar somewhere between dunks and the sale of Michael Jordan's Manion. Then, we are left with that picture in our mind cloud, of Jordan performing some seemingly impossible athletic feat with his tongue hanging out, to the left. Not this time though; we are going to give you something else to think about.

Right now, Pharrell' s hat is not the only talk of the town. Some sneakerheads may be feeling happy about his deal with Adidas. Pharrell' s Custom Pair of Adidas made it into a Celebrity Sneaker Stalker Survey. A wardrobe without at least one pair of sneakers reads all work and no play, in my mind cloud. If sneakers are missing from your closet, the next best thing is a pair of comfy slippers.

A few pairs by L.B. Evans are good choices for you guys. The Dominick Suede Moccasin Style has a latex foam insole. Right up there with it is the popular Reese Slipper, named for the look of the design. This indoor/outdoor pair has leather trim, plaid flannel lining, and a suede upper. Our 3rd and final guy pick classifies as perfect wind down footwear. It's considered to be a more traditional choice and has a cute little name. The Klondike Style has a soothing boa lining with cushioned memory foam. Here's a look at various styles from L.B. Evans.

L.B. Evans Slippers

You may be wondering how Ghostface Killah fits into the scheme of this Footwear Post. Well, besides being known as the man who reminded couples that revenge has a price, the Rapper is also known as the guy who walks around in white robes wearing gold chains. In my mind cloud, I'm wondering what he has on his feet. I just hope it's not Timberlands.

What footwear do you think Ghostface Killah wears with his robes and chains? Listen to one of Ghostface Killah's latest callabos with Raekwon.