The Skys The Limit Your Feet Have Rights Too!

There was a time when everbody wanted to be walking around in Ewing Tretons, or Converse (Chuck Taylors). They all may still have a space in your heart, but with so many brands to choose from who can really decide which one should be number one.

It never matters what's trending to a person who is making a connection with a brand based on something that seems supernatural unless we are talking comfort. I once felt such a connection with the Rocawear Brand. Sometimes you grow out of a brand or you make other connections and nothing is wrong with that process. We need variety and difference is what makes our American Landscape, full of people, so powerful. I found new life in The Champion Brand once I experienced their comfort factor. Still, Reebok's are a close second. 

Right now the new Skyscape Sneakers are getting my attention, mainly because the branding highlights the comfort factor "so comfortable you will forget you have them on". Take a look at Reebok's Skyscape Commercial, a brilliant way to put the comfort factor front and center.

Dave Myers is the creative who brought the television spot into our livingrooms and bedrooms. The Reebok Skyscape Sneakers rank high on our style and comfort list. What sneakers/shoes are you wearing for style and comfort? Remember, your feet have rights too! Comfort is one of them.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail (UK)