Stephen Curry & Ayesha met at a church youth group, when they were teenagers

Sure there was buzz about Stephen Curry on the heels of Colby retiring and we loved it for so many reasons. New Stars are just born and built to shine. Before Stephen Curry and his family were featured in Patents Magazine and we found out that he wed his wife Ayesha at the tender age of 23, we were blown away, when news spread about President Obama co-signing him and advising the NBA Star on his game. Then there was the video featured on Rapper Scrappy's Instagram Page, where one young fan dribbled and gave Curry props, saying Colby should have left the NBA long ago which showed Scrappy putting chicken in the oven, as he disagreed with his house guest.

All this happening as Colby ended his very successful career and Kanye continued to promote his Yeezy's. To our surprise, the popularity of Yeezy's buzz did not interfere with Curry's hype. While Footwear News told us about Kanye and his I feel like Colby T Shirt, they didn't neglect to confirm that The Golden State Warrior has his own sneaker. The Under Armour Curry 2.5 will hit Footlockers on May 28th. The tornal blue and gold and black sneakers were the highlight of the share. The sneaker retails at the very reasonable price of $135 which is quite a bit less than Yeezy's.

Curry's other half, Ayesha, is doing more than being wife and mother to her husband and kids, according to the Parents Article. Although she has not reached emoji status like Kim Kardashian, she's certainly making a name for herself. The wife, mother, and Blogger will release a cookbook called The Seasoned Life soon. Check out her website here.