Kelis is known for pulling off some crazy fashion stunts. Those stunts are the other thing she's known for besides her unique musical style & delivery. That's why Abornewords was pleased when we heard that Sausage & Boots is the place to go for the currency on everything Kelis. Our latest stargaze has us looking down at Kelis.No she has not been jailed or acting out of character to earn an infamous reputation. She has been spotted and photographed in some supafly athletic sneakers called Vibram FiveFingers. Take a look at an image posted on Instagram.

Just landed is how the updated post was written and cute athletic shoes are what prompted one fan to dig deeper for a brand name. Five Fingers was never mentioned but Vibram was thrown out there and we had to share the mother and son cuteness.

The social buzz is social media at it's best. No extensive research necessary. A little reading through the comment feed is all it took to get the buzz on Kelis and Knights foot game.

Do you think Vibram FiveFingers are the coolest for your phalanges? Tell us what you think!

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