An idol mi d is certainly not Gods Workshop. Operating in Gods path, means we are on a continual path toward improvement and overall better well-being.

The expectation to make positive changes is always represent, defining what we expect of ourselves and sometimes what others expect as well. Such thinking causes us to go higher and our beliefs are centered on a spiritual level, even when we fall into sin, as we try to change and improve. The good news is, God is always with us. A few weeks ago, a video of my Son Rodell posted to our Abornewords Twitter Page, showing a clip of a sermon he preached, at Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church. The clip is short and sweet while the message is profound. I took time out of my busy schedule to attend the service. I'm so pleased that my Son has grown to live God in this capacity.

Gods workshop is everthing opposite of idol so try to fill your time with activities that keep you busy and growing. That's all.