Head & Shoulders Moisture Care

My personal experience with my Head & Shoulders Kit may have been a little different from Sophia Vegara's experience with the brand but we both found value in using it! Sophia Vegara's beautiful hair may have been enough to persuade you to try the Head & Shoulders Brand but I needed less convincing. All it took is for me to consider the alternative (dry scalp and the possibility of flaky scalp) which I know very well can happen when my scalp gets too dry and is starving for moisture. Since I wear my hair in its pure and natural form, most of the time, I could not wait to try my Head & Shoulders Kit out. In fact, as soon as I opened the box, I tried the Scalp Soother on for size and the smell and tingling sensation won me over fast. Sometimes, I also wear wigs so the Scalp Soother will always be a go to for me because I only wash my hair two of three times a month. The Scalp Soother works like a leave in conditioner or a Dry Shampoo, providing freshness and more manageability.

After a few washes using my Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Kit, I am convinced that it is a great product and very useful for helping me maintain moisture.

Now a little more details and clarification on my personal experience with this brand.

It cleanses like a clarifying shampoo, leaving hair and scalp feeling super clean. If you have ever used a clarifying shampoo, you will understand what I mean. Another thing I love is the Co-Wash! It goes on and has the consistency of a Hair Mask and doubles as a conditioner. The smell is amazing and since dual benefit products are becoming a trend these days, these products are all winners. Even though I used the 2:1 Shampoo & Conditioner too, the Co-Wash and Scalp Soother are my favorites because it gave my hair care routine that little something extra.

Though, your experience may be different than mine and Sophia Vegara's, I am sure you will love it. A special thanks to Proctor & Gamble and Bzz Agent for choosing me as an ideal candidate to receive these products for free and for also providing me with an opportunity to share my personal experience using them.

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