Dryness is just as much of an area of concern, as frizziness is,  for women who wear natural or textured hairstyles because after dryness strikes, itchy scalp usually follows. That's why we have to take steps before dry scalp escalates into something more serious like itchy scalp and dandruff.

I was blessed to be one of the chosen, to receive 3 full size Head & Shoulders Products for free and the first thing I did was try out the Moisture Care Scalp Soother. Since I have natural, unprocessed hair, I sprayed away on a portion of my hair to see what I would feel and how my scalp would react. Besides the burst of freshness of what smelled like gardenia, the tingling sensation that I experienced, stimulated my scalp almost like a fingered massage. I liked it a lot so I sprayed my entire head. Even after only a single use,  I know it is beneficial for restoring moisture because dryness is something I have to work at preventing, especially since I wear wigs on occasion.  

I also wear braids too! This Scalp Soother, including peppermint oil and vitamins, has helped to make my hair more manageable and tamed the individual hairs that sometimes look like flyaways. Today is not the day I have designated for washing and conditioning my hair, but I can not wait to try the 2 in 1 dandruff shampoo and conditioner and the co wash product. This is my personal experience with the Moisture Care Scalp Soother. It is an ideal product choice for consumers with textured hair but can be used just like leave in conditioner, anytime and anywhere.  Try it! I'm sure you will like its stimulating effect too.  We have Proctor & Gamble to thank for this wonderful product.

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