National Medicare Education Week starts on September 15th, exactly one month before Open Enrollment begins; its a time to explore for many retirees who are turning 65 and uncertain about how to proceed.

Our best action is to help our parents and grandparents make the best choices so that their healthcare needs satisfy their unique situations. Continuing in the same plans may not be the best options for them so we have to encourage and assist them in acquiring the knowledge so that their choice are cost efficient and appropriate. There are meetings to attend, videos to watch, and content to read and representatives who can answer questions when calls are made. Whatever your choice or channel, there will be someone available to help.

Questions your loved ones need answered

  • Does your plan include Housecalls?
  • Does your plan include a 24hr Nurseline?
  • Does your plan include access to a gym membership?
  • Does your Insururance Co. inform you when new plans are available in your area?
  • Does your Insurer offer a mail order option to save you money?

All five of these question should be answered while your loved ones consider budgey, doctors coverage, and prescription drug plans. Finally, help your loved ones do their homework and consider the extra they decide on a plan each year. That's all. Kudos...