Shaun and Lea go camping

The scenes of life can sometimes play out in a manner that is contrary to what our expectations are, requiring us to either be resilient (able to bounce back or recover) or to shift into fight or flight mode when our adrenaline gets to pumping. Our partners response or actions during a crisis can help us in our quest to get back to some normalcy, and showing compassion is never wrong. I thought I was the only one that loved this scene from the Good Doctor but I can see someone else kind of appreciated it in their own way too. Distractions, may be unwanted at times and the circumstances we find ourselves in, can impede us from experiencing our highest levels of happiness.

When Shaun Murphy (Freedie Highmore) was faced with trying to help Lea Dialallo (Paige Spara) bounce back after the loss of their baby girl, he decided it would be good for the both of them to go camping. Although watching the scene and all the mishaps makes me think glamping would have been a better option, the distractions proved to be not only entertaining for viewers but also something that lead them to make a decision to shorten their camping escapade. As the scene advances, Shaun Murphy injuries his ankle and Lea has to act quickly after he passes out. Sometimes in caring for others and doing what needs to be done, it is easier to realize how strong we really are. In those times, no one has to tell us we are amazingly awesome. We just know it! Walk around like you know how great you are and be confident in what you have to offer everyone in the world. Doing so will enable you to always find your happy place, no matter how many curve balls you have to dodge in life. Check out 10 best glamping spots and vote for your favorite.  Want a quick peep at the voting results before you cast your own?  Here are the results so far.

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