Every year I take surveys at work and by participating, executives are able to gather information about what's going on in the work environment, answering questions like; what policies are working? What do we think of co-workers? Who is performing above average? How are we getting along with others and how are Managers relating to their employees? All of these questions and more are answered using surveys.The Physicians Foundation surveyed about 650,000 Physicians, gaining lots of insight, after the proliferation of urgent care centers, retail clinics, and other outpatient facilities. Even the way we maintain, store and save information is changing. The rapid adoption of electronic medical records is proof that times are really changing and as a result issues like security and privacy are top priorities as data is being collected and used throughout the workforce, at all levels.

Gathering information will help to tell us more about the preferences of those we transact with everyday. Attitudes are in a period of transition and businesses and brands are finding new ways to encourage participation. Giftcards, shopping sprees and product giveaways are fun ways brands and businesses often reward consumers for lifting their voices and sharing information. Opinions matter and they often influence consumer behavior and shopping habits. Customer Service Experiences include everything from waiting times to product quality and freshness and on to how we treat the people we serve and care for. Collecting data not only allows us to get to know the people we serve everyday. Gathering information serves as a way to check and evaluate productivity, progress, and compliance so the benefit of having information is in how it is ultimately used to improve standards, policies, performance and outcomes, as job duties are carried out on a day to day basis.

AARP is a trusted brand for aging consumers 55 and up but their finding ways to connect with younger consumers using their Rewards For Good Program.

For logging in to aarp.org consumers earn points and for participation in questionnaires based on content shared throughout the site, there are even more chances to be rewarded. My favorite reward type so far is the opportunity to use points to get instant saving on everything from beauty products to fragrances and so much more. Explore Auctions for yourself and see how much you can save on all the brands you love. That's all.